The UK’s waterways and coasts are home to thousands of working vessels. Commercial fishing vessels, trawlers, dredgers, small bulkers, cargo and support ships - all these vessels and more are engaged in activities that keep the UK economy moving.

But, these activities are not without their dangers.

As an experienced maritime law firm, Shearwater Law is well aware of the legal disputes that can arise in the world of fishing and commercial shipping.

Commercial fishing is an inherently dangerous profession - which can result in sizable personal injury claims or investigation by executive bodies such as the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), Maritime Management Organisation (MMO), and the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).

Likewise, workboats and commercial vessels trading around the UK’s coasts, ports and inland waterways can find themselves embroiled in casualty events and complex claims over insurance, commercial contracts and other issues.

What’s more, a wealth of legislation, by-laws and codes of practice apply to fishing vessels and workboats. Breaching these can result in serious consequences for owners and operators.

All of the above means it’s vital that vessel owners, operators, insurers, and P&I insurers alike have an experienced and professional legal firm to turn to when necessary.

That legal firm is Shearwater Law.

Speak to us about our services for commercial fishing, workboats and small commercial vessels today.

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