Whilst shipping and commercial contracts will typically contain numerous standard (or boilerplate) clauses, it’s essential that contracts are drafted, negotiated and reviewed to ensure they are contextually appropriate.

It is at this that Shearwater Law excels.

We are able to assist with the drafting or the review of clauses, as well as comparing and advising on different proforma forms of shipping contracts and clauses from BIMCO, ASBA, INTERTANKO and others.

How we approach shipping and commercial contracts

We operate in a flexible, client-focused manner which allows us to deliver the results you need in a commercially competitive way.

With decades of combined experience, our commercial law team is adept at drafting and reviewing contracts that deliver smooth working relationships for the parties involved.

Plus, should a case move towards arbitration, Shearwater Law has an impeccable reputation for reaching favourable resolutions for our clients.

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