Every day, bulk carriers of all sizes and flags ship hard and soft commodities across the world’s oceans.

From grain and soya bean cargoes destined for China, to oil for the UK’s refineries or even scrap, trillions of dollars of commodities are traded each year.

But, where there is a trade, there is the potential for a dispute to arise.

Shearwater Law is experienced in providing advice on the legal aspects of commodities trading; particularly financing, transportation, and storage.

In conjunction with our shipping and commercial contracts teams, Shearwater Law’s commodities team has provided advice to trading companies, logistics groups, refiners, banks, insurers, reinsurers and producers.

The commodities cases we have been involved in, include (but are not limited to):

  • Bulk cargoes - such as grains, iron ore, scrap and coal.
  • Energy cargoes - including crude oils, natural gas, and LNG.
  • Refined cargoes - clean petroleum products (CPP), dirty petroleum products (DPP), and chemical cargoes.

We have experience engaging in arbitration before the most important commodities associations such as The Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA), and the Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Association (FOSFA).

Commodities related issues we can advise you on, include:

  • Trading agreements including payment terms.
  • Cargo loss and damage.
  • Quality issues.
  • Storage and warehousing issues.
  • Regulation and compliance in relation to specific commodity types.
  • Sanctions advice in relation to the export of commodities.

Naturally, our services range from pro-active advice, pre-emptive advice in anticipation of disputes, and management of arbitration and dispute resolution.

Our approach to commodities cases

Disputes over commodities cargoes can be especially time critical. It is for this reason that Shearwater Law’s commodities team acts quickly to protect its clients’ positions as soon as disputes arise.

Where you seek to avoid litigation, Shearwater Law is able to provide in-depth advice and, guidance on mediation to help you achieve a successful resolution.

However, should it be necessary to proceed to arbitration or litigation, Shearwater Law does so in a commercial-first manner. Maintaining a straightforward, merits-focused posture, our focus is on building a robust case and bringing about a result in your favour in a cost effective way.

Want to talk commodities?

If you’re looking for a legal firm that can help you protect your commodities business, then make a conversation with the Shearwater Law team a priority. Contact us now.

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