With today’s ships carrying more cargo than ever - disputes over cargoes and bills of lading are prevalent.

These disputes can interrupt the flow of trade and result in complex and time-consuming litigation or arbitration. Disputes involving bills of lading may involve multiple parties in various jurisdictions.

When parties to the trade transaction find themselves involved in a dispute, they need expert, experienced counsel who will prioritise resolution. This is what clients experience with Shearwater Law.

Cargo and bills of lading disputes

Shearwater Law’s experience of cargo and bills of lading experience covers all aspects of carriage.

We provide advice on:

  • Cargo claims - including claims regarding spoilage, the complete loss of a cargo, cargo shortage issues and cargo quality disputes.
  • Letters of indemnity and mis-delivery claims.
  • Freight claims - disputes regarding delays, failures to pay for freight etc.
  • Storage charge and demurrage claims - including cargo abandonment disputes.
  • Intermodal contracts - ensuring these contracts meet your business needs.
  • Arbitration and litigation - where this cannot be avoided, we are able to handle arbitrations before all tribunals that hear English law disputes.
  • Liens - we can advise on the suitability of exercising liens over cargoes of all kinds.
  • Arrest of vessels.

We have a thorough understanding of these issues and bring this to bear to achieve a successful resolution.

Our approach to cargo and bills of lading disputes

Shearwater Law understands that in the event of a cargo or bill of lading dispute, the top priority is a swift resolution.

We take a direct, straightforward approach that keeps commercial considerations at the front of mind at all times.

Our solicitors focus on the merits of each case. Where possible, we avoid litigation or arbitration, instead seeking alternative resolutions that are favourable to all parties.

If arbitration or court cannot be avoided we take a robust approach that delivers results.

Resolve your bill of lading dispute with Shearwater Law

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